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Webinar on Stem Cells culture under "new standards"

culture of HMSC growing in Petaka.

MSCs human cord blood PetakaG3


 Oxygen in the incubator 21%. Normal atmosphere.

Oxigen inside Petaka, in the media 30 mmHg, Normal physiologic for tissue cells.



Culture of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Cord Blood-Derived Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells  (hMSC) cultured in Petaka G3 under auto-controlled Oxygen concentration provided by the Petaka original technology, without any matrix and maintained in MSC-GroTM low serum media yield identical growth, doubling time and differentiation, as culturing cells in dishes coated with a matrix in induced hypoxia conditions by Hypoxia chambers/incubators.

These cells after being cultured in Petaka can be maintained at 22 OC  for 8 days (“in vitro cell dormancy” or limited “cell suspended animation”). After this cell culture pause cells are able to grow immediately with minimal cell losses when exposed to 37 OC.





iPS growth in Petaka G3 1

 High efficient cell culture and growth of iPS in PetakaG3 either LOT or FLAT.

 Immediately after seeding iPS cells cultured in Petakas coated with Vitronectin XF (Primorigen Bioscience) grow rapidly forming numerous dispersed colonies like or patches (Right picture) (doubling time 14.8 hours) and when colonies are formed each colony expand from the center by cell multiplication, maintaining contact between  all cells (Bottom left time laps animation), at a doubling time of 24.6 hours. 

Stem cell markers are maintained for more than 5 passages. Average from a seed of 500,000 cells per Petaka it is possible to harvest more than 8 million cells per Petaka or 80 M stem cells from a set of 10 Petakas, showing 98% of them pure pluripotency stem cell markers. 

Cells are maintained in Petaka protected from any possible external contamination, can be sampled in small amounts of cell for monitoring markers expression and all or part of cells can be detached without enzymes and directly transferred into new Petakas or any other cell culture device. 

Crecimiento colonia iPS 2 





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